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Your favourite YouTube channel will soon have a fun app with lots of puzzles for your little ones. Free from ads and in-app purchases. Lots of fun puzzles in a single app! The official Club Baboo app is still in development, but there's already an Early Access version available for Android. A version for iOS is coming soon.

Club Baboo is a kids YouTube channel

Visit our channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4qDWzHgug7clf4-HeGpkpA

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Club Baboo is a family friendly channel full of fun and exciting videos! We make high quality animations for curious and fun loving preschoolers, babies, toddlers, kindergartners and other young children. Our core values are stimulating creativity, educating knowledge and teaching about friendship, love and respect. Here you can watch nursery rhymes, listen to happy songs and learn about animal sounds, the ABC, recognizing colors, counting numbers and different shapes. We have videos about farm animals, cars, trucks, other vehicles, dinosaurs, horses, princesses and much more!

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Official merchandise

Get your Baboo T-shirt in the webshop powered by FanFiber. We've got T-shirts in all sizes, also for the little ones of course!

Download and print Baboo coloring pages

Print these coloring pages at home and color Baboo and his friends! Just download this PDF file with all the latest coloring pages and print them yourself!

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We'd love to hear from kids and parents. Send Club Baboo a message at: info@clubbaboo.com. You can also contact us for busines proposals or questions.